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  • titanium joomla template responsive

    titanium joomla template

    if there is a joomla template that you have to buy is TITANIUM, this joomla theme presents many joomla extensions like slides, parallax, galleries images, template flexible and easy to use

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  • grid grid article news  joomla module

    module grid articles news

    joomla extension which allows to place your unlimited joomla articles in a responsive and flexible grid, the customization of the module is very easy to modify by the CSS styles, a category filter allows you to create several grids

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  • alperton joomla template

    alperton joomla theme responsive

    alperton is a joomla theme responsive, the template comes with multiple extensions like a slideshow, an image gallery, a parallax gallery and popup grid image. the theme is flexible and practical and divided into 2 columns.

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  • blog  <div data-ad-id=

spot accordeon joomla extension" src="http://www.globbersthemes.com/images/galleryextensionspro/blog post accordeon.jpg" />

blog spot accordeon extension

accordeon blog spot is a joomla extension available for joomla 4 and joomla 3. Ten horizontal images creates an image gallery that opens with the effect of an accordion, you can insert text, a title, a date to better understand your creations.

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  • giles joomla theme

    joomla template giles

    among the most downloaded joomla templates there is “giles”, minimalist theme for creation, it comes with several joomla extensions especially to show your images as galleries images, slideshow, easy to use you can customize everything !!!

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  • polaroid gallery joomla extension

    polaroid joomla extension

    presentation of our latest joomla extension ‘Polaroid gallery’, all your images are scattered randomly in a slideshow, you change the layout of the photos by clicking on the navigation bar. Vintage design, your pictures have a frame polaroid style.

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