glorify your name the name of the lord god almighty this morning and welcome to this left life streaming service coming to you all the way from coming to you all the way from New York centre to second branch of power I greet you and pray that the wonderful time in the presence of the load as we look at the subject the end Your story even your glory Exodus, Chapter 14 and verse 20 – eight. We read all the way to where to to Chapter 15 somewhere in Chapter 15 and so Exodus 14 verse 28, The Bible reads then the water has returned and cover the challenges and the Horseman and all the army of Fara that came into the Sea after them not so much as one of them remained everyone that. Drowned in the waters, but the children of Israel had walked on dry land in the midst of the Sea and the waters were to them on their right hand and on the left on the left hand. So the way we follow use the same, the same roots that the children of Israel used that is across the Red Sea, somebody has said. What does we are very shallow and that’s why the the the Israelites crossed over the Red Sea? I agree with the such A- one because if they crossed the waters, then there’s a very great. The great miracle will be the of of of Fara and all the horses drowned in the waters. V of Exodus 14, So the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hand of Egyptians and Israel so that Israel so the Egyptians dead on the season. That’s the another miracle and Israel so the Egyptians dead on the decision that Israel saw the great work, which the Lord at Danny Egypt, so the people feared the Lord and believe the Lord and the servant Moses the. People of Israel feared or worship to serve with the Lord and they put their trust in the Lord Almighty and they put their trust in the Center of the Lord. Moses Verse 15, then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord and spoke saying I was saying to the Lord for years to have to gloriously the horse and you are thrown into the Sea there. Two of Chapter 15 Exodus Chapter 50. This to the Lord is my strength and he is my son and he has become my salvation is my God and I will praise him my father God and I will exalt the Lord is a man-of-war. The Lord is his name follows Germans and this army your cast into the Sea. His chosen captives also are drowned in the Sea, the depths of cover them they sent to the bottom of. Like it’s like a stone the right hand of God has become glorious in power your right and oh Lord, as does the enemy in pieces and in the greatness of your ex, you have overthrown those or against you you set for your wrath. It consumed the them like stubborn and with the blessed of your nostrils, the waters we are gathered together. the floods stood upright like a hip. The depths go. in the heart of the the enemy said I will be my desire is a straight on them I would draw my soul my hand set is too then but your blue with your wind they see covered them they select led in their mighty waters is like you a lot among the goals he’s like you oh god glorious in a holiness fear for It’s doing great ones, you stressed out your right hand and the Earth swallowed them. I’m getting a heated and excited because of the topic We are we are we are looking at the end of your story, which is your glory Andrus that looks bleak the experiences of men Andreas things that fall upon us. There are things that you want to be away as soon as possible. We want quick answers. We want you to be resolved, but we don’t understand that the Lord God Almighty is working even when we can’t see him, he’s waking. I remember 101 woman of God came sometime back and he said. This is what happens. This is what happens I am in front and behind me, be me like I’m sitting. I am here-I’m behind me where I am living. There is a problem. What I don’t see is this. What is this? I can see myself. I know I’m here and I know that there is a chair here. There is a there is the beginning of each other. They are. There’s a chair, Let’s just imagine that the child or the world is the problem. I can see that the world is there. There is a problem there. but what I cannot see is this that beyond the Wall? there’s the hand of the Lord, which is waking up things beyond the Wall, which I cannot see, which I’m not aware of it is the hand of the lord that is bringing solution. If only your eyes can be open. Do you see that over there is great work in me, Although there’s a great will be. You there’s a great in in your church. There’s a great tool in your in your in your in your family. You are grateful for the world to crumble. you have cried for the water to be able to be to to be to be dealt with and the war has been resisting and the Lord has been adamant. it doesn’t 20 – four. Just now there’s the end of the Lord behind the Wall and the end of the story Is this You will be glorified. That’s the end of the story. Let me tell you. Friend This is the way you must understand your issues. the way you must understand your problem is this where the hand of the Lord that badly there’s the hand of the lord that is working on your behalf and what God is doing is for your good. And he want’s glory out of everything that is happening. God is selfish very selfish. He has said my glory. I will not share with anyone and yet for you and I we have a we have just this blessing where we can tap in to the glory of God, the Lord God Almighty and be glorified together with him who try to get into that. This is a very interesting story. The interesting story follow one several times. It was once several times the demand from the same of the Lord rises upon of Egypt was this Let My people Israel go that they will serve and worship me and the answer from followers. This is cannot go. They must serve me. They must worship me. He was used to the Israel as slaves. I do not know from the years, but if I go by the the the Scriptures, it was 450 years for 430 years. To to to to to refused refused. You said, I cannot let the people go. What he did not let the people go. It makes us chapter nine. We start treating from this. This is verse nine verse eight Solas Arab take to yourselves and full of ashes from the fire and let more scattered to all the evidence in the in the side of and to become fine dust in all the land of Egypt and they to causes that will break out in souls on a man and beast and through the land of Egypt they they took the ashes. The defenders and stood before for him and Moses stuttered them towards the heaven and they caused by that break out in stores on man and and the thing I wanted to read this verse 11 and the magicians would not stand before Moses because of the trials for the boys were on all the magicians and all the Egyptians, but they’re not hiding they had to follow and they did not hit them just as the Lord has spoken to Moses vested in. The Lord said to Moses rise and rise up and in the morning and stand before us said to him, this is the good God of the of the of the Hebrews. Let my people go that they may serve me for at this time. I will send all my prayers to you very heart and on your servant and on your people that you may know that there is not like me of the Earth and now if I if I’m stressed out of my hand and struck you and your people with speechless, then you will be cut off from the Earth is. Stressed out my hand and struck you and your people speechless, then you’d have been cut off from the Earth Verse 16, but indeed for this purpose, I have raised you up that I may show my power in you and that my name may be declared in all the Earth as yet you exalt yourself against my people in that you not let them go. This is the argument I want to. I want us to focus on the story. Continue. for sometime more this was going to follow for on and asking for to let the people go and followers he said that people cannot go because I need seven and these are my slaves they must have me got tonight it on listen out of destroy the origin but of results you in order for me for my name to be glorified and so here you have Big Wall behind you and this is resisting you a big problem behind you and it’s resisting you are accepting the Bible. The problem doesn’t go. You have maybe your confessions. The problem doesn’t go. you have made your prayers. The problem doesn’t go you’ve seen doctors. The problem doesn’t go. you have been everywhere. The problem is still resisting and you’re complaining. I came to let you know the end of your story is your glory because they’re not good. Almighty is still awake. He knows the end of your story, and we know that when this story ends, there will be glory. you’ll be exalted. You’ll be promoted. you’ll be magnified. The people of the Earth will know that there’s God in heaven, even because of you and so like I always tell you hold on, don’t let the grip of the Lord loose upon your life hold on to the Lord. I’m calling upon. centre this is not time for you to stuck in this no time for you to relax this is the time for you to stay away from church this know that time for you to stay away from prayers even as a speaking to my son speaking to all of you this is not the time for you to to loosen your grip is the time to take to hold to the lord to the lord because they knows what is doing For the refused to let the people of Israel go and God was adamant, he said. I glorify myself in for our cause my power to be seen through Parra. That’s why the problem at state that long because God had intended the glory of Israel he had intended for them to be glorified and for follow to be. Used to nothing your problem will be reduced to nothing because the end of your story is your glory. The end of your story is the glory of the lord. Amen. Amen. Thank you Jesus. So the day of the Passover comes and this is 50 on the lamb of God he still on the lamb for provided by God as the feast as Israel is fitting on the Lord. That’s why you should not neglect your communion on the Lord and the breaking of bread. you should not neglect. I do it. god was moving in each They ate God, Moses and say, hey, you go and tell my people they must go to to to follow and all the Egyptians and the best borrow as much as they can. But I’ll give you a signal. I’ll give you a signal you wait on this Israel was eating and fasting on the Lord drinking the wine in celebration of the victory that is yet to come That is yet to manifest in that night, the first born of the first born. Of all of all the male children in in Israel in Egypt, the first book of even animals died. There was those that there was a funeral Mass funerals in Egypt on that particular night, it came suddenly. Suddenly, the death of the first born was set in it was in one in the first place of death. They died the or the or the first one died of man and beast they. And in that moment, the children of Israel stop there it, they went to the to the Egyptians and as much as they demanded from the Egyptians, they were paid it was paid for for Israel on that night in the Middle of the night, The Bouncing Egypt opened the votes in the open and many came out of the the the the cells of people in Egypt and gold and silver and bronze and iron was given over to the children of Israel, including all the governments. Egypt was. Reduced to nothing that night because the end of the story of Israel, just like your story is the glory just like it is your glory God in doing a-b thing in your life. This is where we are right, Where are we? And for the people of Israel to move out of the land with the gold with a silver with a bronze with the with the animals, everything is taken and Egypt is destroyed. He wakes up early in the morning. then he says No, I have made a mistake. I must go back and get the the best slaves back they. You’re looking at is very stubborn. It will not leave you. It will not let you go and that’s why you would need to go. Don’t do they’re not God Almighty. He alone is my savior Lord is my deliverer. He alone is the one who makes the way of escape the Bible tells me there is no situation. There’s no temptation. There’s no problem. There is affected you but such as is common to man and with each and every problem that you’re passing through God as a way of escape for you. and that’s why my brother. Is that you need to hold on it doesn’t matter what what what what you are hearing to not go from the highest sources from the Earth, but they’re just using the wisdom. It may come from the most experienced the experience this experience of I’m asking you to hold on to the Lord because the end of your story is your glory and so for mobilizes the soldiers and they go ahead. I mean they go in pursuit of Israel are the decision and the direction they are complaining to Moses Moses. Why is it that you have to bring your brothers here? It was better for us to die Egypt the we are looking at. From the ethnic point of view, there are moments when you look at things from the point of view when people are criticizing you when people are complaining against you when people are plotting against you and don’t you think there’s no way out and you think there’s no help I can to let you know hold on the end of your story is your glory. Egypt follow and Egyptians followed and pursuit Israel. When they look behind the saw the cloud of smoke, the cloud of dust and they said this man has come to pursue us. Moses Christ to God and God says you go for it. I’m telling you today. The end of your story is your glory stand up and get going obey the instructions of the servants of God obey the instructions of the Lord God Almighty we are in the season. Men and women are a period of the servants of God. I’ll tell you if Israel did not obey Moses. you are going to die there because the intention of each of Egypt was to kill everyone who resisted going back Egypt. So. In the I joined the pathway for the residency the way the a friend, let me tell you God will not save you from the storm. God who knows you from the fire. God did not have Israel from the Red Sea, he said Israel in the Sea, he said Israel through the Red Sea God will rescue you from the. Now from the inside the fire, you will not save you from being pushed into the den of Lions, but when you are in the den of Lions, that’s when God will come down and saves you even then of the Lions and that’s why you need to hold on. and that’s why you don’t have to speculate and then align and understand things from your point of view because the wakings of God they are so different from the ways of God, he says in Isaiah 50 – five my ways are. Than your ways, just like my pleasure and my thoughts higher than your plans hold on to God, be obedient before God walk with him because he knows the end of your story is the glory is your glory. He will be glorified they a passing through the same roots on the left. There’s water on the right there is water in between the dry land and as soon as the last it Israelite as soon as the last. Israelite cross the Red Sea, the what they’re Good Almighty command in the waters to come back now what happened to the Israelites they Egyptians, so we are more experience more organized. They are better means of transport their charts theys. You will agree with me that the to your House is faster than walking know that will soon over there. Egypt Egypt Towell organized they were superior everywhere. The Bible tells me. That there’s Israel’s was crossing the Red Sea, something happened the end of the Lord, the remove from being in front of Israel and then it can be behind Israel. He gave us to end the last place in the corner of the Israelites and when he came to become the person in the in the. Of Israelites. Let me read Exodus Chapter 14 and verse 17. This is from 16 but lifted you know, reach out to a hangover by the Sea and divided and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the Sea and I indeed who had in the hearts of Egyptians and they shall follow them so I will honor over and over all is ches and when the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I have gained the honor for myself over his sons and his husband well. That will be behind you is all the glory of God. He knows that we are always asking of you is to go down to him. Keep believing keep trusting the time you can then they waited up all you know we have we have people from like Jacob. This

is a time for you to get or even if it was just the door of the road. The. Three months said to him my father, I would let you go until the storm is over the past, he says. I’ll give honor over the children of Israel this night over over Farrow and this child. Oh this organized the for what Soldiers’ 19, Then the end of God went before the camp of Israel and move move move and going to be behind them and the idea of. Went from before them and stood behind them so that the end of the Lord beyond the is Israel and the cloud of all the cloud of God also came and to be in the the cloud is stands for the glory of the Lord, the presence of the Lord, the presence of the Lord goes behind them the end of the Lord, who was leading the was so so so the only one they had in front to leave there was Moses Moses was conducted and encouraging and strengthen the. Of Israel to to to pass through the the the the Red Sea, but with God was there, God verse 20 and so it became it can be the kind of the Egyptians and the gump of the Israel. the Israeli you have a protection above or a buffer zone created by the end of God created by the presence of God in between you and your problem. And that’s why your problem. Cannot swallow you up your problem. Cannot Eat you up your problem Can’t. You cannot stop you cannot weaken you get your problem Cannot defeat. I said. Your problem will not defeat you because there is the on between you and your problem. God is no longer behind you. It’s no longer in front of you. He’s in between you and your problem and he’s dealing with your problem. How don’t worry. Just know he’s dealing with your problem. The 20, so it became between the camp of Egyptian and the people of Israel that it was the cloud and the darkness of the world, and it gives light by night to the other so that the world did not come near the other or that night. So what happened then was stretched out over the Sea and the Lord calls the Sea to go back by a strong wind all that and made the seed into dry land and the waters were divided so that the children of Israel went into the rest of the Sea on the dry ground and the waters were were onto them on the right and to the left and the Egyptian pursuit and went after them into the midst of the Sea. All of follows you. Jess Anoying Homan, and he came to pass in the world and watch that the Lord look upon them and upon the of Egyptian through the pillow fight and the cloud and the trouble with the end of Egyptians verse 20, – five and the two of the Chariot wheels so that they drove them with difficulty and the Egyptian said. Let us flip from the face of for the Lord fights for them. Against the chance. Inbal the charts. And he broke the legs of the horses So now it is the time the time for for Egypt to start flee, but it was too late. The water came and covered them cover The Jess cover the horses come in the soldiers and cover you for. Oh what a stupid man this father was he left is festival without being buried on his death bed and he pursues Israel for to destruction that is funny. I didn’t listen to the voice of the Lord right at the beginning. This was not going to happen to him, but he died and when the body of father and husband men on the issue, the other issue of The Lifted of the song of praise the Son of celebration to the Lord God Almighty. The ending of the story is your glory. The glorify the Lord God Almighty in this particular. In this particular morning because for them, it was another resurrection morning. It was a time for them. The time for them, it was a time for them to celebrate. there is a time of celebration for you. My friend, There’s festive a festival for you. There’s a glory and the honor that is awaiting you. Do not close your eyes and lift them up to the King of Kings Luca, the author of Life Look up to the. The giver and the finisher of our faith, the one who want to come down humble himself himself to upon him upon in the first of a man and when he became a man, he was obedient even unto death even the death of the cross in every way he was despised way you were honored in every way he was humbled in every. He became like us even less than us because he took on the form of a slave and died in the death of a condemned the criminal. Both of you have had your your relatives, according then, elegant pss to some of them were taken to the Stadium to be there, but this man even the closest friends right away from him, he died. A criminal Says who dies on the cross Jesus died a death so that you can receive a blessing from there. He was despised so you can be uploaded. You can be promoted. you can be celebrated. he died so you can now to life and that’s why today. I’m telling you hold on. Hold on the workings of God are beyond our understanding, but the thing I can, I can I can promise you is this in everything good works together for good and even this is not to bring you down. this experience is to promote you. We have decided that we are telling you again and again we have decided in that presence and that this experience will promote us. We know God is speaking. What is speaking? I do not know, but I know he’s speaking what is he saying? I’ll tell you what he’s speaking for me. I don’t know about you. but for me, I’m I’m I know I said. this thing is not come to destroy us. This thing is going to promote us. This thing has got to prosper us. This thing has got to confess to confirm to us that we are more than conquerors. That is not just a story. We’re reading the Bible, but this is an experience we shall walk through. Jokes at the three verse of the Bible says, look in this sort of righteous, I will answer you. I will answer you. That’s all you speak to job, he says. for God is greater than man. That’s what I want to tell you God is greater than man. he’s greater than you. God has no respect for persons. We are the ones who give thanks to people, but God has no respect for people. The only one he has respect to is the one who was a contrary, the one who Trimble Atwood Isaacs six, the one who takes seriously the word of God. So if you take it to the word of God blessed are you what do you do with him for? he does not give an account of any of his words He will not come to report to you or to me why he is an out coro virus’s. Why you’re allowed your experience why you are allowed a divorce Why you and your failures are. He’s allowed your dismissal. Why is that allowed the company is to to close down. You will not give an account to anyone. He is God why because God speaks in one way or another in another yet man does not perceive it. God speaks in the Dream that God speaks in a vision of the night when the gift that falls upon men was’ slumbering on the bed, God is still speaking. He opens the years of men and see the instructions. Immense destruction upon men so that they will not take away from from him why you know that in order to take money from his deed and to consume man from his pride to get back his so from the pit and this life from perishing by the sword, This is what Farah in 20 to understand he didn’t understand the didn’t perceive that Moses was no the Moses was a seven of God was carrying the voice. Of God and if this disobeying Moses was the same as disobeying God and that’s why even today, I tell you please hold on to God. do not tell you do not recover from the Lord is telling you your life from the pit. That’s why he has now you’re passing through to be upon you listen, there is no one who can endure what you endure accept you yes, except you know, there’s no one who can endure the they will accept you. That’s why the. And that’s still waiting you. You have been refreshed because you can and you are God is telling you something even in that dismiss. He’s telling you something you even in that. the divorce is telling you something even in that that failure from an examination. Oh yes, it’s there or something even in your success in the success. If you’re still married, you still speaking if you’re awake, you’re still speaking with the feeling of the year is this. The end of your story? is your glory? Therefore hold on to God. This 22, if there’s a message for him, I am A- one among the thousand to show money is a correct there is gracious to him and says give away from going down to the pit because I found that this flesh should be beyond like a child and they shall retain to the days of his youth when you walk in the ways of God your your your days, your aid, You be renewed like a like a nigga. you never grow old, You’ll always be fresh. You’ll always be young, you’ll always be energetic. You always be wise. You always be prospering. You always be conquering and that’s why even would say to Joshua 40 years ago, you told me mother told me that this is my mountain. that is my mountain. even though I am a young as I was 40 years ago, give me the money. Let me go and fight it why because he was young on the inside of him. Why? He was young because he followed a young man. Joshua, a man was five years younger than him to be his leader. He said this is the God’s appointed of for it. I’ll listen to whatever it tells me it will not go to a fight and do Joshua tells him and that’s why I’m telling you who do to God because the end of your story is your glory. Before I went to sleep last night, my daughter was a very good job. First time I commented on that story that story, but I want to let you know about the one who read the story and that’s that song who sing this song together, but I want to let you know the one who wrote the story that that song and name is funny. Jane Crosby. When she was married, she was she she was going by the name funny Janus FA, NY cross me. I checked that out once again and when you go to Doctor Google he’ll tell you the same story this lady became blind at six weeks old. She was blind. So she was born in 1920 in the 1859 she was divorced. She experienced the divorce. She had a child that child was going to die at the age of three she was she had experiences in our life. Let’s wave and spirit inside of me is agitated. This one is a blind lady, she wrote eight thousand songs. In praise of God. The souls of 100 millions in copys some books, there are some books that are dedicated to 100 million copies and blind lady. Or if it’s written and we could only do what she could do a blind lady if a black lady could do that. And that’s why even today my resolve even though, is even stronger. The black people in our streets should not be allowed to continue Begg. They can do some things a black lady wrote A thousand songs She grew up as a. Go to black man and yet even in the blindness she chose to glorify God why because she knew the end of the story is a glory. she died somewhere in 2015, but even now 100 years later, she’s being remembered the message of this church in in America did even anoint old people’s home in our own, they went to a Bank account. count hundred thousand dollars and they put up a date memory Lady I’m excited to let you know my friend hold on. The end of your story is your glory Keep walking with God. This thing you’re facing is not to bring you down. this thing you’re facing is to prevent you when the Zera Michigan and a minute ago, said to God. You will not save us from the fire. you set that you’ll you’ll save us if the fire where they are taken out of the fire, they were promoted Godwin That chapter to Chapter three when Daniel was thrown into the the end of Lyons and God send them from the day of the Lions by the Bible tells me he was promoted all this is telling me whatsoever you’re passing through is not for your destruction. It’s not for your weakening weakening. It’s not for your devotion. Whatever your passing through is for your glory. It’s for your promotion. It’s for your acceleration. It’s for your progress. It’s for you to come to be convinced you are more than that. Okra because the one is in you so we are the people of God even today we have resolved again. This is my story. This is my song praising my Savior all the day The Lord of the night visions of Rapture, now best thing on my side Angels descending bring from a-bomb whispers of. Messy echoes of Islam, or even the other way around it because of his message and whispers of his love, and because of that, this is my story. This is my song My Savior praise my savior all the day long before we close. I like my my Burt to just lead us into that. so. God bless you Shalom Shalom. I Divine I purchase something. For all of his feet. Is the love? We. My Oh, This is my story. This is my story. Crazy My Oh my. That’s me. This By my side. Angels’ It’s the best of love of love. This is my story. Is what’s? Oh, This This is. My name. All day long. me all the time. am myself. What’s In his goodness feel with this. We lost it in love. My I will go. Is. This is myra my myself. This is my. Amazing. Father, we bless your name. We bless your Holy name. We bless you wonderful day. Thank you for a wonderful time in your presence. Thank you for giving us your Word. Thank you for giving us your yourself. Thank you for giving us Jesus. Thank you for the life that is in Jesus for the life that is in the name of Jesus for the victory that is in the name of the Jesus. Thank you for the victory that is assure Almighty God because we reside we are. Jesus Thank you for giving us the name of Jesus as our for giving us the name of Jesus as our strength. We’re giving us the name of Jesus as our. Of it is our confidence of the great tomorrow, it is our hope of light and after we are assured that we remain on the power of victory, we are assured that we remain on the back of victory. We are assured we are assure of victory in this life and forevermore because of the name of Jesus. Thank you for giving us Jesus our Lord. Thank you for giving us your son and father. We pray, Oh God for anyone who is seeking their bodies. We release the healing virtues in the name of Jesus. We command healing in that body in the name of Jesus, we command every disease to check out the people’s body in the name of Jesus. We command a death to that bacteria and then to that virus then to those kindel and get to that too. Of every disease, the music and condition in the life in the body in the blood in the cell of people, we command that we speak to you right now in the name of Jesus. All we release the healing power of God all of the city all of this nation all over this world. We’re in this testimonies of healing in the name of Jesus, He is the name of Jesus, the blind See. Wheels up on the seat belts are getting all those letters because has been released to their life has been released to the body strength to be release to that from the world of the end. That’s all that we release the the healings in the blood of Jesus Christ to God and do a sweep through of healing in the name of Jesus Love us. Sweep through and use it, I’ve been through on the healing processes in the blood of Jesus for it is not right that he had his life. It is not that it took a gruesome devil on the cross is not that. Hell that is in the ground. Crowd of those is not that he was wounded. It is not that he was. To say that he wants to speak right now every single thing that’s great we agree and declare no one is allowed to pay words because we break the ultimate price. The. Of his life in the name of Jesus, we declare him even the emotional healing in the name of Jesus that he is the families and to marriages in the name of Jesus, we declare our nation healing to the name of Jesus as amended and the beginning to produce a mighty God even in a time like this, we declare healing is even in our government systems. We declare healing in our government systems. We declare healing all over Almighty God in the name of Jesus, we pray. Oh man. So friends I meet again and the grace of God, who said to Shalom Shalom may the peace of the Lord upon you and may give you a peace may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, The father and the sweet come with the Holy Spirit remain and continue with you and until we meet again in the Keep you shalom Shalom.


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