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> the Gloria Story – Born To Lose

the Gloria Story – Born To Lose

The Gloria Story - Born To LoseThe Swedish act, despite their extensive live touring, wastes no time and throws us a bone once in a year, just to keep us warm. The second full length album for the the Gloria Story, two years after their debut “Shades of White” and one year after the “Out Of The Shade” ep, is a fact. Bringing in mind their latest ep and comparing it with their debut album you can easily make out the differences in their sound. In their debut, the band delivered a more of a Thin Lizzy and Kiss oriented hard rock with dozens of extended guitar solos and catchy melodies, while with “Out of The Shade” ep that changed, and although it was obvious that we were dealing with the same band, their sound became more simplistic, raw and straightforward with garage and punk influences. In both cases, the music breathed rock n roll.

Now with “Born To Lose” the band continues in the same vein. Party oriented garage/punk ‘n roll

made out of the 70’s. High octane energy, dirty riffing, rhythm and “Born To Win” attitude. From the old stuff, The Who, The Kinks, The Byrds and The Ramones are responsible for “Born To Lose” while the “you know who” from the Scandinavian garage scene have also contributed. The twelve, dirty, little tracks, although all clock under 4 minutes are still capable for a lot of leg shaking and melody whistling. “Shades of White” album fans may be a lil’ bit skeptical at first, but I think that after the second hearing will all come to place for them – as all of the Gloria Story’s virtues are still here. Nothin’ has changed after all, just the influences. Gloria Story’s music still comes out of the 70’s.

1. Born To Lose – 2.51
2. I See You Tomorrow – 2.34
3. Borderline – 1.52
4. Live Your Life In Shame – 3.47
5. Torture And Pain – 3.02
6. Sex Is In The House – 2.51
7. Chill Me – 3.32
8. Travelers Mind – 2.27
9. The Only One Who Knows – 2.08
10. Fire Won’t Fade – 3.14
11. The Black Hole – 3.21
12. Waiting For The Judge – 2.56

Release date: 5.04.2013

Label: Wild Kingdom



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