The Glory Field – Part IV: Chicago 1930 Summary & Analysis


By 1930, Elijah and Goldie are married. They have two children: Richard (b. 1911) and Luvenia (b. 1914).

Luvenia is sixteen years old. She is doing Miss Etta Pinckney’s hair. Miss Etta is Luvenia’s godmother. Luvenia is complaining because she does not want to go to Curry Island to live.

Luvenia has dreams of one day attending the University of Chicago. She works as a domestic for Mr. And Mrs. Deets.

Etta Pinckney is Goldie

Lewis’ best friend and now she is Luvenia’s best friend. Luvenia wants Miss Etta to write Elijah a letter to convince Elijah to allow Luvenia to stay in Chicago and go to college. Elijah and Goldie want Luvenia to join them at the Glory Field.

Luvenia’s brother, Richard, returns to Curry Island willingly. For the last several years, Elijah Lewis has been obsessed with keeping the Glory…


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