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Glory Odemene is the President of SoarwithGlory (SwG) International, an organization dedicated to helping the poor and the needy. SwG Foundation outreaches donate essential provisions to children, pregnant women, underprivileged schools, as well as youth, adults, missionaries, among others.

We go places nobody goes, we give to those truly in need. Our goal is to change the world as we work behind the scenes to reach and touch, one life at a time. And we do it because every life matters.

With a board of experts drawn from various fields and from around the globe, SwG is positioned to reach not only the spiritual but also the professional and the academic. SwG provides international consulting, research, training, and development, as well writing and editing services.

Resources generated through our services, and with the support of our global partners, are channeled toward accomplishing the goals of the foundation. Our dream is to set up homes for the poor, the disabled, the homeless, and the orphaned; provide affordable education, skill acquisition, enhancement, and employment opportunities.

Glory is a dedicated writer whose inspirational works have enlightened and entertained readers for over two decades now. Amazing testimonials

based on her weekly articles, which have been impacting lives worldwide, triggered the birth of SoarwithGlory.

Glory’s passion is to reach out to people from all over the nations, with the message of hope; hope in God who never fails, hope in the goodness of mankind despite bizarre occurrences, and hope of glory as we spread in a chaotic world – the sweet fragrance of God’s indisputable goodness and unfading glory.

Glory is a singer, a photographer, and a prolific author. Glory’s latest book, Fighting Monsters, exploits her experiences with depression to showcase God’s power to help, to heal, and to totally deliver from every form of oppression. Her earlier books, Shekinah! and Treasures! won Indie Awards 2008 and finalist awards at the USA Best Books 2007. Her latest book, Incredible Hope is still in the works.

Glory holds a PhD in Engineering Management, MEng in Environmental Engineering, MSc in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management, and a BEng in Chemical Engineering. She is a professional engineer who loves to travel around the world presenting her technical and inspirational works.


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