These Butternut Squash, Coconut, and Ginger Morning Glory Muffins Will Make You a Morning Person


If you know me, you know I have mixed feelings about mornings. Sure, sure, a steaming mug and a scenic sunrise is quaint, but I’d rather spend those 30 minutes tangled in my warm sheets instead. Never have I ever had one of those idyllic coffee commercial moments where I gleefully spring out of bed before my alarm, just to sit at the kitchen counter by myself at 6 a.m. BUT, I will always hop out of bed for muffins. Moist, fluffy, pillowy muffins. And this brand new recipe for butternut squash, coconut, and ginger morning glory muffins from senior food editor Anna Stockwell is no exception. If you weren’t a morning person before, trust: these muffins will get you.

Normally, morning glory muffins are chock full of grated carrots (and maybe some raisins for pizzazz), but this new riff exponentially increases the cozy factor with doses of nutty coconut, fresh squash, and a bright ginger zing. I already know what you’re thinking: “Vegetables? In

the morning?!” To which I’d respond, “Have you seen the dazzling brown sugar crystalline crust!?”

It helps too that they come together so easily you could make them half asleep. And let’s be real, we know you will be. But after just 30-ish minutes in the oven (i.e. the amount of time you spend staring into space in the shower), you can be chowing down on a batch of muffins so satisfying, you’ll question why you ever hated mornings in the first place.

Get the recipe:

These Butternut Squash Coconut and Ginger Morning Glory Muffins Will Make You a Morning Person

Butternut Squash, Coconut, and Ginger Muffins

Like the best possible Morning Glory muffins, but with grated butternut squash instead of carrot. Butternut squash season starts in early fall. Look for very firm and heavy squash with fresh-looking stems. The skin should be smooth and unblemished. Size doesn’t make a difference in flavor, but squash with long necks are generally easier to peel and break down.

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