VIDEO: How Size 8 was ferried home on being discharged from hospital


Size 8 [Photo: Instagram @size8reborn]

Popular gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 was treated to a luxurious trip home on being discharged from RFH Medical Centre.

In a video uploaded on their YouTube channel by her husband DJ Mo, Size 8 was picked from RFH with an entourage of sleek, black cars and ushered home in style after being admitted at the facility for close to a week.

Honoured and grateful, the mother of took to Instagram where she rejoiced and thanked for the blessing having faced a lot of difficulties during her last trimester.

Woi sijatoka hospitali mkono mtupu! Glory be to Jehovah! The last part of the journey is the victorious exodus back to our home!!!! I thank God that I never left the hospital empty-handed am now at home enjoying motherhood now a mother of two because God is Jehovah Lord of Hosts! A special thanks to everyone who has been praying for us!” she said

Size 8 also extended her appreciation to her family and the owners of the top of the range vehicles for the escort as well as friends for standing with her during the difficult times. 

“To Lesus Executive cars thank you for this gift you heard what my family had been thru And you offered a luxurious ride home for us God bless you. To RFH wow gosh woi you have been the best God bless you so much!!!!! M. Munyali, my small sis, waaaaaa God

bless you, Dr Thuo and Dr Martha asanteni sana. And finally again to God be the glory!”


In a moving report on her hospital bed before the discharge, Size 8 narrated that she suffered serious complications that nearly cost her life and that of the baby. 

“I used to feel a sharp pain as if oxygen was not getting into my brain and started convulsing. At some point, I started getting minor strokes where my left side was completely paralysed. I remember being taken for MRI scans.

“They were trying to find out if I had organ failure. They changed my medication and directed me to see a heart physician, where I was given some medicine and told to report back regularly for a check-up. My pressure, later on, normalised a little bit,” shared Size 8.

“Last week is when the convulsions became excessive. I informed my doctor that the unborn baby was not active and was I immediately admitted. I couldn’t breathe nor walk. I was completely off…

“The last scan I had revealed that I had 34 weeks, four days. So they were trying to see if they could buy more time. They tested and discovered that the baby’s heart rate was above 180 and concluded that they could not hold on anymore,” she added.

On being delivered, the baby was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 


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