Video: Watch the fastest knockout in Glory Kickboxing history


Even without the UFC in action this weekend, there were knockouts galore across the rest of the combat sports world. You had Deontay Wilder’s impressive KO of Luiz Ortiz (watch the finish here) and then over in Chicago you have this impressive knockout from the Glory 72 Superfight Series between heavyweights John King and Tom Matlon.

Watch the whole match, courtesy of Glory Kickboxing:

It took King just 10 seconds (including the ref’s count) to put Matlon down on the mat where he lay like a

corpse until the ref waved things off. Right from the opening bell he stalked forward, taking a kick to the body before responding with a big overhand right that staggered Matlon. A tight left seemed to be the punch that really did the damage but King hit him again going down for good measure with another right.

It’s a bit of art and a new record for Glory Kickboxing that we imagine will stand for a while.


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