(What’s the Story) Morning Glory …!



So … last day of half term today … a week is not long enough is it?  Had a (much needed) lie in this morning –  when you have to stick to a rigid routine during ‘school weeks’ it’s good to not have to drag the kids out of bed, just potter and do nothing in your own time – I don’t very often ‘do nothing’ – in fact I’ve never had one of those ‘duvet days’ I hear others talking about – too much to get done! Sometimes though, you just need a little time out from rushing around like a blue-bottomed fly …! Then you have to stop yourself from trying to cram everything into the rest of the day just to ease the guilt!  The only thing that finally got me going mid-morning was when my girl

switched MTV on over her extremely late breakfast and these familiar dudes popped up!

Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory …

My daughter’s first reaction was ‘Why do they all look weird and have no expression on their faces?’  I assured her that this is actually pretty standard practice for Oasis!

‘Need a little time to wake up … need a little time to rest your mind …you know you should so I guess you might as well!’

‘Morning Glory’ was always my favourite from the album – in fact one of my all time fave Oasis tracks – released in September 1995 – nearly 20 years ago … 20 years ago folks … what’s going on? Makes me feel so old and young all at the same time! 

What’s your favourite  Oasis track?  What tune gets you up and running in the morning?

Jen x


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