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Tossers, wankers—pick the derisive British term of your choice. The Gallagher brothers (Liam on vocals, Noel on guitar) spent the 90s getting arrested, yelling at each other and warring with Blur’s Damon Albarn over the very important matter of which band was Britain’s best. But for 12 songs they came as close as anyone to combining the tunefulness of the Beatles with the attitude of the Stones.

From “Wonderwall” (a title taken from an obscure film scored by George Harrison) to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” to the epic arena rawk of “Champagne Supernova,” all of Noel’s compositions swell perfectly at the chorus, and Liam, whose voice is a no-frills vessel for carrying a tune, knew how to turn each song into a sing-a-long.

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