William Ruto allies plan to reclaim stolen glory


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Stung by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s fangs in the Senate, Deputy President William Ruto’s allies are fighting back.

The Nation has learnt that the Jubilee MPs plan to frustrate government business in both the Senate and the National Assembly as a way of getting back at President Kenyatta for removing Majority Leader and Whip Kipchumba Murkomen and Susan Kihika from the leadership positions.

And, once the ban on gatherings is lifted, the MPs will hold a series of rallies in their strongholds to protest the sackings.

They are also pushing for the reopening of churches because they hope to use the pulpit to make “necessary political noise”.

In addition, Mr Ruto’s supporters say they will challenge all decisions made against the leaders in court.

According to an insider, the MPs have little hope of overturning the party’s decision, but will use the court cases to embarrass the President.


“These are options that we are considering and they will be firmed up soon in a meeting we are organising,” one of the politicians said.

Senators Murkomen (Elgeyo-Marakwet) and Kihika (Nakuru) have challenged their removal at the High Court. They argue that the quorum required for the changes in Senate leadership was not raised.


The case is set to be mentioned today when direction on compliance will be made. “Let everyone know that we shall continue fighting for the cause we believe in. This is not the last time you’re seeing us,” Ms Kihika said.

Meanwhile, sources in the camp disclosed that the DP’s allies in the National Assembly, who are targeted for removal too, have retreated and are considering lying low until the end of 2021 to escape the chop.

Belgut MP Nelson Koech said

the Ruto-leaning MPs were aware that the Senate changes were the first step in the President’s plan to tame leaders associating with his deputy, but took issue with the manner in which it was done, terming it ‘unacceptable’.

“The President is perpetuating illegalities, which have continued to take place in the party from the National Management Committee changes. He is now taking illegality to Parliament, which is wrong because Parliament is an independent body, not an appendage of the presidency. The President has declared war on the sovereignty of Parliament,” Mr Koech said.

The DP’s cronies are threatening to use their numbers to scuttle the government agenda on the floor of Parliament.

“A war has been started. Therefore, we will use our numbers in both Houses to shoot down any government agenda in its entirety due to what the President has started doing to those perceived as pro-Ruto,” revealed Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono.


However, the DP’s side does not have the numbers in the National Assembly as his allies claim.

Jubilee has 171 lawmakers in the House. Out of whom the DP is said to control a half. But with Kanu in the mix, bringing in 10 MPs following its post-election pact with the ruling party, the equation changes.

This in addition to ODM’s 76 MPs that Mr Raila Odinga also brought on the table for the President after the Handshake.

Mr Javas Bigambo, a political analyst, is of the view that the changes effected by President Kenyatta reveal the reason we went into partnership with Kanu and ODM.


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